Saturday, October 5, 2013

An Impressive Day

Soccer Kids

An Impressive Day

Today marked the first time I ever saw Zion, my youngest son, nervous about impressing his Mommy. I had the privilege of watching him compete in a soccer match and couldn't have been more proud. He zipped around the field and skipped over the opposing team like a little pro.

But I couldn't help notice the awkward little grin he tried to hide on his tiny round face. You know, the kind of smile a boy brandishes when he's trying to impress a little girl that he likes? Yeah, that was the moment I knew he was trying to impress his Mommy. And in spite of the small mistakes little kids make when they're playing in a competitive game, it worked; he impressed me.

I am always tickled to see how much taller he stands when he puts on his uniform and struts around the house. His inquiry of, "How do I look Mommy?" never ceases to amuse. He impressed me with his awesome team work skills as he made great efforts to keep the ball among his team mates at all cost. I was blown away by the sportsmanship he showed when he stopped to help a fallen opponent. I was awe-stricken to see just how much fun he had simply running around kicking a ball, regardless of how many times he stumbled or fell.

In short, I loved how much it meant to have me cheering him on along the sidelines. All was well with the world for one hour on a Thursday evening as my little boy took center stage for the most important member of the audience; Me.

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